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    E-commercial Promotion Model


      Our solution improves reach rate of target audience by advertising optimization basing on the real effect.


      By searching optimization solution, SEO/SEM etc., we provide searching ranking service to our client product and service.


      Our innovation technology brings you huge amount of users and real business.


      CPA (Cost-per-Action)
      CPS (Cost-per-Sale)
      CPL (Cost-per-Lead)
      CPD (Cost-per-Download)
      CPM (Cost-per-Mille)
      CPC Advertising

    E-commercial Mediabuy

    Long-term partnership for lots of famous E-commercial clients, most of which get annual turnover of tens of millions dollars with our service.The extraordinary actual effectiveness also brings us great reputation.

    3Bn Global User Show/Monthly
    600W Click/Monthly
    20W Order/Monthly

    Traffic Source

    E-commercial Partners

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    Our Advantage

    • Powerful Team and Tools

      Senior Mediabuy Team

      Professional Producing Team of Display and Video Creatives

      Self-developed Data Analysis Platform and Optimization Tools

    • Abundant Optimization Experience

      Ability to Acquire 0.3~0.5 million Users Per Day Per Offer

      Super Ability of Acquiring Huge Volume Users in Short Run

      High Quality & High Retention Assurance

    • Deep Cooperation with Client and Traffic Platform

      Interaction with Clients to Sync the Product Development and Promotion

      With FaceBook、Google、Twitter

      Long-term relationship,Grasp the flow pulse

    Case Study

    • One of the Top Domestic Developer Application

      Client Requirement: To acquire high-monetization-value users in specific areas to ensure profitability.

      Business Solution: The only market player who is able to cooperate based on ROI (Return on Investment

      Delivery Effect: Application monetization increased more than one time in target market.

    • A Newly On-line Application

      Client Requirement: To acquire huge number of users globally

      Business Solution: The only market player who can bring millions of users per day for single application

      Delivery Effect: Client Application gets the top ranking in multiple areas simultaneously.

    • A Content Application of Specific Region

      Client Requirement: To acquire high-quality users in target region

      Business Solution: The only market player who can using DeepLink combining local hot topics to deliver Ads according to user behavioral attributes

      Delivery Effect: The user retention has been significant increased with stable CPA

    Customer List

    All Customers
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    • Xiaodong Li

      Felix Lee- Head of Mobile BD & Operation Baidu International Business Development

      Internationalization is the important strategic investment for Baidu. We are very prudent in choosing partners. Qisike impresses us by their strong media buy ability and professional thoughtful service. In the future Baidu will continue to have in-depth cooperation with Qisike in commercialization.
    • Xingjian Yang

      StyleWe Founder, CEO

      From Tidebuy to StyleWe, as the practitioner I have witnessed the profound transformation from PC to mobile E-Commerce. The change needed is not only technology or marketing strategy, but also the mind upgrade in new field. Qisike devoted itself to overseas E-commerce marketing. We and Qisike are long-term companions and partners on the way of developing oversea market of mobile ecommerce.
    • Sidney Song

      Founder of CWA, Founder of WAW, General Manager of VivaKi

      Traffic acquiring cost is getting higher and higher, so a lot of companies already start realized the way of transforming from User Acquisition to User Retention, is using big data service to support the business growth . Qisike is a company that focuses on overseas data optimization. By establishing intelligent data management platform, Qisike analyzes, optimizes, create campaign that benefits long-term user retention. I think it is a company that put big data analysis into customer commercial profit service.
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